The BurnSafe Schools Program educates over 10,000 primary school age students each year. Hear about the very real impact the BurnSafe Program had on one family and read feedback from teachers and students.

Media Stories

In 2014, The BurnSafe team visited Modbury West Primary School. Only weeks after participating in the BurnSafe program, twins Michael and Harry age 7, put into practise what they had learnt when their grandmother, Athalie, spilt hot coffee on her stomach. The boys rushed to help their grandmother administer correct first aid, cool running water for 20 minutes, before taking her to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. 

Staff at the Burns Unit praised the boys quick thinking and were impressed with what they had learnt and remembered. Quick and appropriate first aid greatly reduced the impact of the burn and improved their grandmothers recovery time and outcome.

Thank you to the Jamieson family for letting us know the positive impact of the BurnSafe program!

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Teacher Comments

"Terrific educational programme using scenarios children can relate to by changing behaviours to prevent burns." Cathy, Year 6/7 Teacher, Flagstaff Hill Primary School

"I would like to say a very big thank you for bringing BurnSafe to us. We had lots of positive feedback from students and teachers." Irene, Deputy Principal, Gilles Plains Primary School

"A very relevant program that all school age children need to see." Peter, Year 6/7 Teacher, Salisbury Primary School

"We thoroughly enjoyed your program and presentation and teachers commented today how much students enjoyed it. The students I spoke to said it was great!Martha, School Counsellor, East Torrens Primary School

"I just wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and my Year 7 class for the informative and relevant program that you are offering to schools. We really appreciate you taking the time to come to our school yesterday. I thought your presentation was excellent and know that my students gained valuable and life-saving information from your presentation. I would also like to thank Wayne for helping to get the message across to young people about how destructive and life changing fires can be; his story really did help to get the important message across"Liz McFettridge (teacher; Blakeview PS) and the Year 7s of Room 7

Student Comments

"Thank you for opening my eyes about the seriousness of burns."

"I learnt that if you burn yourself badly and don't react quickly it can actually go deeper into your skin for a long time."

"I learnt about fire and making the right choices. Next time I will be more careful around fire, hot water or when I'm cooking."

"I have learnt about different types of burns and what could happen if you play with fire. I have also learnt the first aid for burns."

In an emergency call 000
Remove any clothing and jewellery from the affected area to allow effective cooling of the burn.
Cool the burn under cool running water for 20 minutes - this will stop the burning process and also help ease the pain.
Cover the burn with a clean lint free cloth or if it is a large area, cover loosely with cling wrap to lessen the chance of infection.
Seek medical advice if the burn is larger than a 20 cent piece or on the face, hands, feet or groin area.